June 30, 2017


Choosing floor coverings for the kitchen, you should take into account a number of subtleties, perhaps the most important of which is practicality - the material with which the floors are covered should be resistant to mechanical damage, not to be afraid of moisture and not to be chemically active.

Since it is in the kitchens on the floor are the most diverse chemicals - sugars, salts, acids (vinegar, for example), alcohols (alcohol) and alkali (soda). And yet different flooring have different properties.


This material (though natural, though artificial) is one of the most practical and has many advantages. One of them is the "price-quality" ratio. Linoleum wears out very slowly, it has sound and heat insulating properties. Linoleum can last for ten years, but at the same time it does not require any care at all. For the kitchen, of course, you need to choose a coating that has a thick protective layer.

The big advantage of linoleum is that it is not difficult to lay it on its own. Naturally, you can experiment with it in terms of design - now on the market a huge selection of coatings with a variety of textures, patterns and colors.

Cork floors

Cork floorsThose floors are especially appreciated by adherents of natural materials. These coatings are made from the bark of Quércus súber - an oak cork. They are very comfortable due to the springing properties, due to which the load on the legs, joints and spine is reduced. The cork is a natural soundproofing device. On this floor, unlike, for example, from linoleum, you can not accidentally slip. Cork cover is a very good choice for those who suffer from asthma and all kinds of allergies. The fact is that the cork has antistatic properties and, therefore, does not attract dust.

Floor coverings for kitchen from a tree

Wooden floors Natural wooden floors are not the cheapest pleasure, but they are worth it. At least because of its luxurious appearance (did not think why many synthetic materials "mask" just under the tree?). Although, I must say that the floors of the tree are rather capricious - they do not tolerate high humidity and temperature changes. Examples of Dining room floors from123floor.co.uk flooring

Wooden floors must be treated with special oils, varnishes or other means designed for them after laying. Thus, the tree will become stronger, small pores will be embedded in which dust, mud and moisture will otherwise accumulate.

Floors from a tree require constant care, they should be periodically treated with various kinds of protective equipment. The tree is extremely active in absorbing any chemicals - it leaves traces of any liquid, even water.

Floors made of laminate

Laminate floorsThis coating is a worthy replacement for wooden floors. It is not as impeccably ecologically as a tree or cork, but, nevertheless, it has a number of advantages. Let's start with the fact that laminated coatings are available in various versions, including imitating even the rarest and most expensive tree species. In addition, the laminate board can reproduce a marble, granite or tiled texture. It is very resistant to mechanical influences, it is not so easily scratched. Laminate is suitable for installation of so-called "warm floors". All these pluses are supplemented with an affordable price.

Floor coverings for kitchen from a tile

Floor coverings for the kitchen Ceramic tiles are used by consumers long ago and deserved love. It is very practical and inexpensive. With its help, you can implement a variety of design options for the room. In addition to different color solutions, the tile is available with a surface that looks like fabric, leather, metal, wood or natural stone.

Porcelain flooring

Floor coverings for the kitchenCeramic granite is an artificial material with excellent consumer properties. It is completely insensitive to sharp temperature fluctuations, moisture resistant and very durable. Ceramic granite is produced not only in the usual form, but sometimes imitates other - natural - materials. So to cover kitchen floors - this is what you need. The ceramic granite can be either polished or matt. As for the kitchens, it is better to purchase a matte material, since the polished is potentially injurious if it gets wet.

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