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Lakeside Ohio token - Erie Beach Park - 10¢ - J.H.Flaherty Cleveland OH Engraver


Love Token Engraved On an Unknown Planchet


*Antique Engraved Coin Love Token 1811 with Initials




1876 Seated Liberty Silver Quarter Love Token Beautiful Engraving "RTC"


Love Token Prep Lincoln Wheat Cent copper Smoothed Reverse Ready to Engrave.


Love Token, WILLIE Engrave On Reverse 1887 United States Seated Dime


1861 Love Token Engraved M on Liberty Seated Half Dime Stick Pin 90% silver


1942 Love Token Preped Wheat Penny Smoothed Reverse Ready to Engrave.


1965 IRELAND GAELIC HAND ENGRAVED Harp Penny on a 30" .925 Silver Snake Chain


1877 Seated Liberty (Dime) Love Token - engraved "Mama" on reverse - CC263


1875 Denmark 1 Krone Silver Coin 1889 Danish Words Fancy Engraved Love Token


1877 Love Token Engraved MCS MSC SCM SMC CSM CMS silver On Seated Liberty 10c


1860 Love Token Engraved FM MF w/ Design silver Seated Liberty Dime 10c


1883 Love Token Engraved AFC w/ Owl Design silver Liberty Seated Dime 10c


Exonomia Love Token~1860 Seated Liberty U.S. Quarter Engraved Pin; Pierced O 25c


6 LOVE TOKEN Ornate Engraved $1 MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR 1878 1880 1882 1883 etc


Love Token Engraved F W/ Design On Shield Nickel


1877 Love Token Engraved PER PRE EPR ERP REP RPE silver on Liberty Seated Dime


1800's Silver Dime Victorian FOLK ART LOVE TOKEN Engraved H Coin Cufflink


1877 Love Token Engraved Jan 1st 1882 silver On Liberty Seated Dime 10c


1889 Love Token Engraved MF w/ Town Design silver on Seated Liberty 10c


Love Token Engraved Design / BK On Dime Sized Planchet Silver.


1877 INDIAN WARS LOVE TOKEN seated liberty half dollar ENGRAVED JACK-Estate VG


Love Token Engraved 1910 silver on Barber Head 25 Cent Quarter


1881 Morgan Dollar Love Token - Beautifully Engraved - Flowers and AED initials


1885 Liberty "V" Nickel VF Details Key Date Love Token Engraved on Reverse


Love Token Engraved Remember The Captivity 1914-16 (WWI) / LR 21mm Planchet.


Love Token Engraved John Brown Chichster on Great Britain Large Penny 1797.


1878 Love Token Engraved Designed S silver On Indian Head Key Date Penny


Love Token Engraving Two Owls "JOB" "JOE" "JOI" - 1891 Seated Liberty Dime


1882 Love Token Engraved Clara Lake View House silver on Liberty Seated Dime


Exonumia Love Token 1802 Large 1C (#8376) Engraved AG on Liberty Carefully Check


Shield Nickel Love Token. "GRACIE" sweatheart engraved coin. collectors


1877 Love Token Engraved EH w/ Bird Design silver on Liberty Seated Dime 10c




1876 Love Token Engraved WH w/ Condor Bird Design silver Seated Liberty 10c


LOVE TOKEN, United States 2 cent piece, Engraved With the Name Jennie


Indianhead Cent Love Token Engraved GR 1882 Great Collectable


1857 Love Token Engraved Mamie silver On Liberty Seated Dime 10c Silver


Love Token Engraved Minneapolis Minn. / MP On 1882 Indian Head Cent Penny Crude.