Do we need Turkish coast? Yes we are!

Question on filling: where is the most expensive castle in the world, exhibited for sale right now? On the British islands? In the French Alps? And here and there! An architectural masterpiece "Leo Palace" is located on the banks of the Bosphorus - Istanbul. Currently, it owns a Turkish oligarch Hollis Toprak, but huge debts (rich also pay the bills!) Forced the billionaire put the house up for sale. Interestingly, one of the first super-elite who are interested in real estate, has become - who do you think? - Russian "colleague" Toprak Abramovich. But the value declared by the Turkish businessman - and it is almost two billion dollars! - Scared even the Chukchi governor: he was willing to pay only twenty times smaller amount ... However, such a high cost - the exception rather than the rule for the Istanbul property market - no wonder Turkey is called the "land of contrasts". Most of the local houses and apartments where more affordable than similar facilities in Europe. That is why not only the European multimillionaires, but homeowners with average incomes are increasingly paying attention to "the Turkish shore." The climate here is better than on the Côte d'Azur, and the cost of houses and flats often several times lower than ...

And 300 days of sunshine a year - for free!
Real estate in Turkey. Investitsionny boom in Turkey started in 2003 when the country adopted a law allowing foreign nationals to buy real estate. But after a while it was suspended - the authorities were concerned about such a massive demand from foreign investors. After reviewing some of the chapters of Cadastral law (primarily those related to the acquisition of land rights), 6 January 2007, a local parliament passed a new law governing the acquisition of property by foreigners. Despite some limitations (for example, the area of ??land acquired by a foreigner in the personal property must not exceed 2.5 hectares), the new Cadastral Law of Turkey greatly simplified the process of buying property and obtaining documents of long-term accommodation.

For example, foreigners can acquire property within the boundaries of both for personal use and for rent. If the annual income received from the lease exceeds a certain amount, it is subject to income tax. From the taxable income, if desired, can be deducted ongoing costs of maintaining the property (repair, cost of water, electricity, etc.), and 25% of income derived from the lease, can be recognized as an expense without providing accounts. The minimum income tax rate is 25%.

And most importantly - they owned property, foreign nationals may at any time be sold, and proceeds from the sale money to remove abroad. Liberal Turkish legislation has caused an unprecedented inflow of foreign investments in the real estate market. Over the past five years, foreigners have bought houses and apartments in different parts of the country worth more than ten billion dollars.

The most active buyers of Turkish property are neighbors in the Mediterranean - Greek citizens: they recorded a total of nearly 13 thousand different objects. The second largest group of private investors from abroad - Germans bought up 11 thousand housing units. This is followed by the Syrians, the British and the Danes.

More recently, Turkey Time is beginning to attract more and more attention to domestic homeowners. Today, the country ranks third in Russia's ranking of the most attractive destinations for investment in real estate. The mild climate, 300 sunny days a year, moderate prices for housing and consumer goods, visa-free, year-round affordable air service, developed infrastructure, excellent service and an abundance of attractions - this is an incomplete list of the reasons that motivate our compatriots after the Europeans to buy property in the Turkish shore Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

Where to buy?
Real estate in Turkey Coast of the sea is the main center of attraction of foreign investment, which is not surprising - these areas have long mastered by tourists and therefore have developed inforastrukturoy. In contrast, the Black Sea regions of Turkey are not being developed, and on their development plans in the near future there. The most expensive property is located on the seaside Aegean - Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi. It is no accident - for example, Fethiye is famous for its pine forests, beautiful beaches, secluded coves and lush subtropical vegetation, and nightlife of Bodrum and Marmaris are not inferior to the saturation of many cities in the world.

The cheapest property is offered in Mediterranean - Antalya and its environs (Alanya, Kemer, Belek, Side). A three-storey house, located about 700 meters from the sea, are in these areas 35-37 thousand. Euro. In the 40 th. Euros you can buy a new apartment in new buildings in Alanya or Antalya or apartment in Marmaris, but on the secondary market. The majority of Russians, who chose Turkey as a "second home", buying property is in Antalya. Turkish Riviera attracting primarily its exceptional climate - in the foothills of the summer is not so humid and hot, and winters are warm and snowless.

In addition, it housed the Russian consulate and the opening of Russian schools with Russian as the training program. Accommodations in Antalya demand mainly in two coastal areas: Konyaalti and Lara. Villas Russians prefer to buy not very far from the coastline. This contrasts sharply with the "Russian" from all other foreign buyers. In the Taurus Mountains, at a distance of 30 kilometers from the sea Europeans build (and sell!) Villages in the 2000-3000 villas each. The Russian, in contrast to the Englishman and a Dutchman, for anything in this area would not go: it is better to inferior flat, but - to walk to the beach. Apart from Kemer and Beldibi, offering mountain villa no further 10-15 minutes drive from the beach, purchasers of individual housing often offer Alanya region. From this further one and a half hour drive of the international airport, but the selection of villas in fenced villages and detached, finished and under construction, is truly enormous. Not coincidentally, almost 80% of Europeans who buy real estate on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, was chosen Alanya.

On the other hand for customers with the most modest budgets Alania, too, may be of interest. At a distance of 10 km from the city in the town of Avsallar Mahmutlar Okurcalar apartments by the sea can be purchased at prices lower than in Antalya - from 30.000-40.000 euros for finished housing. In sea resorts are now conducted rapid construction. As a rule, built modern secure complex, consisting of a dozen or several dozen villas apartments (we will be closer to the concept of townhouses). All social infrastructure facilities are usually located close to, but outside the complex. On the territory of the complex - the green zone and the obligatory pool. The area is relatively small houses: two-storey villa of about 100 sq. meters and three-storied - does not hold up to 200 "squares".

Huge interest foreigners show and objects real estate in Istanbul. It is no coincidence - in the largest metropolis in the country, which is often called the "East London" is not only a huge selection of different housing, but also an excellent opportunity for business. That is why the demand for real estate in Istanbul is growing from year to year. Prices increase on average by 25 percent a year, if two years ago, an apartment of 80 square meters in the city center could be purchased for $ 100 thousand, but now its value is about 350 thousand. In general, the cost of one square meter of housing in the country is very uneven, depending on the location and ranges from 500 to 2,000 euros. Apartments on the secondary market (the term "apartment" there is used only for apartment buildings) in Turkey are sold for 40-80 thousand. Euro. The average variation in prices for villas -. 90-300 thousand euros, and townhouses cost from 160 thousand euros..

Real estate in Turkey. Protsess purchasing property in Turkey consists of several stages. First, a citizen of Russia should open a bank account, then to transfer money out of Russia. Usually this is no problem: our compatriots prefer to open accounts in Turkish "Finansbank", "Bank Guarantee" or "Yapi Kredi" - through them the easiest way to transfer money from Russia to Turkey. Money can also bring in travelers' checks, transfer through a major international or offshore bank.

Second, he must obtain a residence permit for six months. This requires the presence of private buyers, which will in future property owners, passport every five photos, bank card, proving the existence of the account in a Turkish bank, as well as the presence of the amount of a bank deposit, equivalent to 200 per buyer. For SOMO residence permit fee of 200 euros.

Thirdly, it is necessary to issue Tapu - the certificate of registration of property rights. Under Turkish law, the certificate is registered in the State Land Cadastre, shall be attached to any object property. By the way, his presence at the seller is one of the most important criteria to ensure the security of your purchase. Especially - with the purchase of second homes. In this case, you need to check how much a person owns real estate and they all agree to sell it. Also it is necessary to make sure that the property is not recorded no debt (after the purchase of real estate debts are transferred to you), you can do it in a local inventory management. If purchased unfinished or new property, you should ask the developer a copy of the building permit. Note that there are restrictions on the purchase of land for the Russian and CIS citizens.

You can not buy property in a closed military or strategic area. The popular resorts of Turkey, where property is acquired mostly are not such zones. However, for the purchase of real estate by foreigners requires permission from the War Department in Izmir, and which checks to see whether the property is in one of these areas. This check is actually a formality, but it may take several months. In order to verify the buyer is required only a copy of the passport, other documents prepares and sends the seller. Yet the process of buying property in Turkey is not as complicated as it may seem. Cover system of property rights is quite clear, and if the buyer still carefully check and try to comply with all the conditions, the guarantee will be able to get away with the purchase of new housing and enjoy for years to come.

Our reference. Turkey
Modern Turkey - a country with a population of 75 million people, with an unemployment rate of 8.9% and inflation of 8.2% for the accounting rate of 15%, with an average life expectancy of men 69 years and women - 73.9 years, high level of education of the population. Modern Turkey - a country that is a member of NATO, and aspiring to the EU. Modern Turkey - a secular state. But many fear that the victory of the moderate Islamists in the past July 22 last year, the parliamentary elections will be a threat to secular Turkey. However, Tayyip Erdogan name is associated not only with the pro-Islamic policies, but also to the economic success of recent years. He came to power in 2002, when Turkey was recovering from the financial crisis. In the five years of his reign, inflation has fallen from 30 to 8.2%, the national debt was reduced by half, and the economy is growing at 7% per year.