The best binary options: Selection Criteria

The increasing popularity of binary options attracts more newcomers and experienced traders. If the latter is more or less clear, the novice traders is often difficult to determine what the best binary options, and by what criteria they should choose.

It is important to understand that direct binary options - this is only the tool of the trade. You should choose brokers that offer a platform for trading and operations. The correct choice of a broker is not only the profit margin, but also the ability to output the money earned.

Often there are complaints on the internet traders in cases of fraud, speculation unscrupulous brokers unreasonably high prices, etc. All this can be avoided if only work with the site from which presents the best binary options brokers.

How to identify a site scam and not get caught on the hook them?
Literally every day in the network recorded a new brokerage platform. Most of them do provide real services, but some aim to earn easy money on unsuspecting users. In order to attract new traders scammers make colorful advertising that promises exorbitant profits. Often these unscrupulous brokers themselves leave positive feedback about themselves in different social networks and other resources.

Singing of "eulogy" very young site immediately should alert the user. If it is possible to check the date of registration of the domain, then the scammers can identify almost instantly. It should be noted that, of course, an honest broker can offer a huge profit to the detriment of themselves.

To date, there are several trading platforms that provide the best binary options brokers. Check the "ins and outs" broker alone is problematic: it needs to know its history, guarantees, spend a lot of time searching and evaluating comments and articles.

What criteria should be considered when choosing the best binary options?
Ease of payment

It is important to understand, what payment systems running the broker and how convenient the use of these payment systems in the country of residence of the trader. While trading binary options may need to be the completion of the deposit and withdrawal. It is best to choose a broker that offers several ways IO Finance.

The minimum value of the account and the minimum amount of investment
Initial deposit at different brokers differ slightly and, on average, $ 200, but in the minimum rate may be considerable differences. If the trader is no trading experience, and he did not want to risk large sums of money, it is better to choose a broker with the smaller size of the minimum bet.

If the trader makes a bad bargain and plays, some brokers are ready to return him the money. Of course, this is quite a significant plus when choosing a broker. It should be noted that the best interest to return at Anyoption and OptionBit.

Rate of return in the ranking of the best binary options differs slightly and, on average, 70% (with minor fluctuations in one direction or another).
For more, but no less important selection criteria
1. The effectiveness of additional tools of the trade:

? Ability to extend the expiration of binary option (Roll Forward).
? Ability to make buying and selling before the expiry of the option (Take Profit).
? Ability to get rid of unpromising option prior to expiration, sell it a bit cheaper (Option).
? Ability to make deals for the week ahead, over two weekends (One Touch).

2. The quality of the technical platform broker site. In binary options trading often every second is important. Therefore, if the system crashes, the trader may accidentally make a purchase it at a lower price. In addition, it is important to support the site to work efficiently and in a timely manner could solve the emerging complexity and controversy.

What you should know a novice to make the right choice broker?
It would seem that the scheme works with binary options is quite simple: if the price rises, the need to buy call if falls, Poot. However, these simple actions is formidable analyst scheme which can not be learned in a few days or weeks. To a novice trader could partially protect their assets, it is recommended to choose a broker, guaranteeing the highest percentage of the refund and offer low minimum bid.
Trader with little experience can not know for sure what assets will bring him the greatest profit. Therefore, it is advisable to choose those brokers who provide a large selection of assets. This will help to identify patterns of trade and a better understanding of binary options.
You must choose a broker, relying on the rating, compiled by experts. No matter how tempting or seemed terms of unknown brokers, do not blindly believe the printed word and to register in the system. Much better to work with bona fide, reputable broker who trusted by millions of traders worldwide.