Play MOBA Dota 2 totally free

One of the most popular online games ever is back, and this time will be much more intense and competitive than its predecessor, in addition to new maps and amazing characters.

Feature stories on the network that one day a programmer created a game just for fun, spend time with this title became one of the most popular online games ever. Years later we can enjoy the continuation of this classic game Dota 2, and continue what we left pending for a long time. For this second part, Valve Corporation has undertaken to revive this amazing game, leading to a much higher level of dota 2 betting.

Dota 2 is the continuation of the old Defenders of the Alliance, a strategy game that led to the famous Warcraft 3 towards a course that many thought impossible. Dota 2 game presents a mix of RTS and RPG, accompanied with a dose of action, which results in a game that definitely should try.

With a brave hero at your command, you must face this incredible adventure and fight against thousands of players from around the world. The more victories sumes your history, more chances you have to increase your level of experience and skills of your character.

The maps in Dota 2 are filled with all kinds of objects, plus large towers which can get experience points and gold to help you on your journey. The mechanics of this game to download is practically the same as that of its predecessor, which will make those who had The opportunity to play the first version was familiarizing quickly.

Before going into battle you can test your skills in single-player mode, which lets you tune your fighting technique before starting the challenge.