High paying affiliate programs including pay per sale, prove popular

When it comes to earning a living online with affiliate marketing, high paying affiliate programs offer the best solution. CPA, pay per sale, PPV are all forms of affiliate programs which provide the ordinary man on the street with the simple means to earn a significant income. The choice of how it is done is down to the individual. Understanding the principles behind the process and delivering a sustainable and successful affiliate marketing campaign takes time and effort. It is not a get rich quick scheme by any means however by using tried and tested methodology and hard work, it is eminently possible to generate a sizeable income which also becomes passive over time. For many, the terminology can be confusing so below is a simple guide to explain the key elements.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual or company who signs up to promote a particular product. Affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time and is the most popular way to generate an online income. The reasons for this are simple enough, it just requires the affiliate to market the product, and that is all. No product creation, no creation of creatives or promotional materials in any shape or form, all that is required by an affiliate is to market the product successfully.

How does an affiliate promote the product?

There are a multitude of ways of promoting a product or service. However one of the most effective is contacting an email a list of interested parties. "The money is in the list" as many renowned affiliate marketers will say, and the figures bare this premise out, with a much higher rate of conversion with email marketing than any other form of marketing. How to obtain such a list is often a question which is asked, and in response, many methods can be used to build and grow a list. This involves solo ads, PPC, joint ventures or JV's as they are often called, or other forms of promotion such as social media.

So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing system whereby a list is built up over a period of time and then emailed on a regular basis with offers that are of interest to the list members. The list can be built up in a variety of ways, as explained earlier however the overall aim of the list building is to add contacts into a list who are interested in a particular range or style of products. This typically means that the offers sent through are well received and often the conversion rates are much higher as the offers are targeted to the people who are genuinely interested.

Why does it work so well?

List emailing works well simply because it is targeted at a specific group of people who have shown an interest in the relevant product or service. This means that the individuals on the list have opted into receiving information related to the niche and are therefore much more receptive to the idea of purchasing a particular product that matches their own individual requirements.
In essence in terms of affiliate marketing promotion methods the most effective has been shown to be list building and emailing. Although other methods do work as well, list building should be a priority and as such initial efforts should be aimed at creating a list and working towards building a list which will provide the returns that are desired. Success comes from spending time on elements that in the long run will work, and email marketing has proven time and time again to work well.