Safeguard Our Seniors Task Force AGENDA

Meeting on Monday, October 6, 2008, in Tampa, Florida

Welcome from CFO Alex Sink

Open Discussion with Senior Investors

Introduction by CFO Alex Sink

• Member Introductions

Mission of Safeguard Our Seniors Task Force

• Annuity Definition

• Money Matters - Annuities

• What to Listen for at Free Lunch Seminars

• Good Case v. Bad Case

• Sale of an Annuity

• Case Studies

• Administrative Authority
• Criminal Authority
• What Other States are Doing

• In Annuity Suitability

Problem Solving
• Prevention & Education
• Administrative Enforcement
• Criminal Enforcement
• Industry Standards

     •Company Best Practices

• Life Insurers: Committed to Transparency, Clarity, and Ethical Behavior in the Annuity Marketplace

•Agent/Broker Best Practices

• Improving Annuity Disclosure

• Suitability Monitoring Standards