January 12, 2018

3 Ways to Control Event Vehicle Traffic

For your next event, it is a good idea to estimate how much vehicle traffic should be expected. If your event will feature items of value like decorations, equipment or merchandise, security helps diminish the possibility that they will be stolen. If someone manages to get off the premises with any valuables that are not theirs, controlling the flow of vehicle traffic is your last report to stop them before they leave. Turnstiles, for example, prevent more than one car passing through a designated area at a time. By containing the potential thief to a secure area, your chances of recovery are higher.

Here are three more ways you can control event vehicle traffic.

Parking Barriers

To prevent vehicles from entering or exiting a designated area, parking barriers are another viable option. Usually available with a white with red stripes boon, the base can be white, grey or gold. Advanced parking barriers include an integrated channel detector that automates the task. They are adjustable and offer faster opening times. Depending on the manufacturer of the parking barrier you choose, add-ons and plug-ins and other colors may be available, too.


To help the flow of vehicle traffic move in a more efficient manner, you may decide to assign entry-only and exit-only to certain areas. If there are designated entry and exit-only ways, it helps prevent those with nefarious intentions from escaping by trapping them. Spikes that incapacitate a vehicle's tires are particularly effective in this situation. Available in different models, some are made of heavy steel, can be laid in-ground or simply placed on a desired surface without excavating beforehand.


In your designated parking area, you may decide that some spaces must be left unoccupied. Safety bollards can accomplish this task. Usually made of steel and painted yellow, bollards may measure 5 feet in diameter and 3 feet in height. This traffic control measure can be placed in the middle of a parking space to prevent entry. They can also be placed in the middle of parking space rows so that cars do not park too close to each other. This helps prevent damage to stationed vehicles. For extra strength, bollards can be filled with concrete.

Managing the flow vehicle traffic during an event helps keep guests and valuables safe. Some traffic control equipment you may consider include barriers, spikes and bollards.